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Raynor Vliegendhart

+31 15 27 87241
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Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands

Office: HB11.080

PhD project

Since November 2011 I have been researching how user contributions can complement existing automatic methods in order to improve the information retrieval process of multimedia content beyond what is currently possible by solely relying on automatic approaches. I'm carrying out this research under the FP7 CUbRIK project.

LikeLines is an enhancement to existing video players I'm developing as part of my PhD research. Conventional online video players do not make the inner structure of the video apparent, making it hard to jump straight to the interesting parts. The LikeLines player provides users with a navigable heat map of interesting regions for the videos they are watching. The novelty of LikeLines lies in its combination of content analysis and both explicit and implicit user interactions.

The LikeLines project is hosted on Github.


From June 2010 till October 2011 I have worked on the Near2Me Metadata Enrichment in Tribler field trial (N2M-MET) as a scientific programmer for the PetaMedia project. The field trial used Tribler as a platform to validate the PetaMedia Triple Synergy.

The work done for the project is available as open source: