Members of the Multimedia Computing Group


Alan Hanjalic Professor, Head of the Multimedia Computing Group
Expertise: multimedia content analysis, information retrieval, recommender systems


Martha Larson Professor, Joint appointment with Radboud University Nijmegen
Expertise: speech and language technology, information retrieval, multimedia search, social media
Pablo Cesar Associate Professor, Joint appointment with CWI Amsterdam
Expertise: distributed and interactive systems, quality of multimedia experience
Huijuan Wang Assistant Professor
Expertise: complex networks, social media analysis
Cynthia Liem Assistant Professor
Expertise: music information retrieval, multimedia content analysis
Julián Urbano Assistant Professor
Expertise: (music) information retrieval, evaluation, research methods

Senior research staff

Soude Fazeli Postdoctoral researcher
Research topic: recommender systems
Omar Niamut Senior Research Scientist, joint appointment with TNO-ICT
Research topic: social multimedia computing, quality of multimedia experience

Junior research staff

Cunquan Qu Ph.D. student
Research topic: Complex networks, social media analysis
Jaehun (Jay) Kim Ph.D. student
Research topic: Interactive music information retrieval
Xiuxiu Zhan Ph.D. student
Research topic: Complex networks, social media analysis
Karthik Yadati Ph.D. student
Research topic: Multimedia and cross-media analysis
Jaeyoung Choi Ph.D. student, researcher at ICSI, Berkeley, USA
Research topic: Automatic geo-tagging of images and video
Raynor Vliegendhart Ph.D. student
Research topic: user-/resource-adaptive multimedia information retrieval
Babak Loni Ph.D. student
Research area: crowdsourcing, recommender systems
Alessio Bazzica Ph.D. student
Research area: music retrieval in a multimedia context
Ernestasia Siahaan Ph.D. student
Research area: quality of multimedia experience: assessment
Yi Zhu Ph.D. student
Research area: social multimedia computing, quality of multimedia experience: modeling

Support staff

Robbert Eggermont Software and hardware support, scientific programming