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Quasi-static Scenes (QSS) video face clustering dataset

The authors encourage research by publicly releasing features and annotations. The material is shared under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (see

Using the dataset? Please cite the following paper:

@article {BazzicaIMAVIS2016,
title = {Exploiting Scene Maps and Spatial Relationships in Quasi-Static Scenes for Video Face Clustering},
journal = {Image and Vision Computing (IMAVIS)},
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Clarinetist for Science (C4S) dataset

Fully-annotated dataset of audio-visual recordings of clarinetists performing classical pieces fragments. The annotations include manually cleaned note onsets (+36k notes), ~4.5h of recordings and visual annotations (face bounding box, face landmarks, wrists and clarinet coordinates). This dataset can be used for multimodal and cross-modal note onsets detection, body pose estimation, clarinet segmentation, and ancillary/expressive movements analysis.

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