Welcome to the Multimedia Computing Group

The mission of the Multimedia Computing (MMC) Group is to provide efficient, natural and intuitive access to and interaction with large multimedia data collections, in a wide range of applications involving search and recommendation, offline and online (social) multimedia. The solutions MMC Group strives for are robust, generic, computationally efficient and scalable enough to enable real-life applications and use cases.

We aim at identifying the best possibilities to combine multimedia information retrieval (MIR) tools, such as multimedia content analysis, multimedia search reranking, query expansion and query performance prediction, with social indexing concepts, such as tagging, explicit and implicit collaborative rating and information propagation in social media networks, in a user-centered fashion to optimize access to and interaction with multimedia content for each individual user. We refer to this interlocking combination as the Triple Synergy Paradigm and exploit it to make the multimedia computing technology more efficient, effective and better responding to users' needs.

The work being carried out in the MMC Group encompasses a broad palette of research directions including:

  • Multimedia content analysis and search
    • Semantics extraction from multimedia data
    • Multi-modal query expansion
    • Query performance prediction
    • Multi-source search result reranking
  • Multimedia information retrieval in a social network context
    • Modeling information transfer, friendship, trust and user-item-tag relations in social networks
    • Collaborative multimedia content recommendation
  • User interaction for multimedia content access
    • (Affective) User profiling
    • User (search/uploader) intent
    • Query failure prediction
  • Content management
    • Multimedia databases and dataspaces
    • Entity retrieval

More information about the research directions and activities of the MMC Group can be found under research projects or on the sites of group members.